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This isn’t a Test! SideOne Dummy Records is Selling Test Pressings!

Ok this just in. No reason to panic!!

Punk indie label, SideOne Dummy out in California–the label producing records from the minds of Chris Farren, Jeff Rosenstock, Gaslight Anthem, PUP and more announced today that they are selling a bunch of test pressing records on vinyl via ebay.

You can find out more via the link below. Bids for some have already gone into the hundreds so break open those piggy banks kiddos.


Skunk Roundup Presents: Compilation Vol. 1

This Christmas will mark the publish date for the first ever Skunk Roundup zine (issue 1). This week we gave a little bit to our fans, readers and artists and released a compilation. This comp showcases 10 artists from around the world. Featuring new songs by some local favorites, you can find 10 songs that really tell a story about what is going on in the ska, punk, and other genres nowadays.

We hope you enjoy the record! If you feel so inclined you can also throw some $$ our way. All proceeds are split evenly between all 10 artists involved.

[bandcamp width=387 height=507 album=1473679285 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

First Taste of Sequel to Merendino’s Punk Dystopian Classic

This week James Merendino, Director of famed cult punk classic, SLC Punk revealed the first teaser to the sequel to this famed flick. Some would say SLC PUNK doesn’t warrant a sequel by any means but here we are talking about it. I will save all the spoilers (cause i’m not a jerk), but it’s obvious that Merendino’s charm for quick witted lines and character development still ring true for this sequel.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z75n-JRtVK0?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead is slated at a Nov. 21st release date. For most up to date information, you can visit the official Facebook page.

We’re Here #SkaRevival TOUR!


Some would say ska never died. That it merely has been marinating in local scenes across the country for years while waiting for a perfect time to come out of the woodwork. And now is a good time as any to say…..Local Ska Bands UNITE! Across the country ska punk, ska, and ska revival bands are teaming up to show the country what they’re about. Details are a little limited now but we have some information for you below. Thanks to Costello Films, the whole Ska Revival Tour is being documented. So even if you can’t make it out, the whole action will be recorded. It’s like Sister Wives but with less Polygamy and more fist pumping.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKodgq6asf0&w=560&h=315]

Promo video for the SKA REVIVAL TOUR
Full U.S. Tour from July 11th-Aug 17th

July 11th- Stanhope, NJ at The Stanhope House 
July 24th- Tulsa, OK at The Vanguard
July 29th- Las Vegas, NV at The Artistic Armory
Aug 1st- Berkeley, CA at 924 Gilman
Aug 7th- Denver, CO at Moe’s
Aug 17th- Washington DC at The Black Cat Backstage

**LOTS MORE bands and dates to come, stay tuned for more announcements

Edited by Christian Costello at COSTELLO FILMS