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About Us

Skunk Roundup is a digital zine and blog based in Washington, DC. Each week we cover new ska, punk, and other music.

Our Staff

Josh Feldman
Josh is a DC Native. A writer, photographer and otherwise arts professional. He loves new music and specifically new DIY music!
Jon Krampel
Jon is a music technology professional based out of NY. You can see him by day working in audio production and at night probably at a show.
Jordan Rizzieri
Jordan Rizzieri was born and bred on Long Island, NY & now resides just outside of the US capitol. When she's not romanticizing pop-punk songs, she's penning sassy pro-wrestling critiques as The Lady J. Her favorite things include Prince, flannel shirts, spiral bound notebooks, and the weather in April and October.
Ari Winer
New Writer Ari Winer!